Mobile Access without Bluetooth!

Geokey is unique because it is a cloud-based access solution. We use your geolocation to authenticate access. That means users can only have access when they are in the right place that you decide.

About Us

Simple & Secure Access

Geokey is a company founded by people passionate about making controlled access easy, seamless, and secure.  Since the inception of Geokey, our focus has been on providing a very simple and easy user experience. 


While beauty and ergonomics will be important when it comes to the application design, Geokey must also fit smoothly into everyday life. That is why Geokey is available on smartphones and other electronic devices that have essentially become extensions of our being. Geokey must interact with us in a manner that doesn’t invade or confine us, but rather, opens us to new worlds, experiences, and levels of access never before available. 

Geokey can integrate with any internet enabled hardware solution, as well as your existing business mobile applications. Geokey can integrate into your life seamlessly creating a much more efficient tomorrow.

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